Video Player support

There doesn’t seem to be many threads on the issue, and I haven’t seen much official interest in the ones that already exist, so I’ve created a new thread in hopes for attention with the current v3 releases.

Movie playing is absolutely necessary for many large scale games. RPGs, and other styles of games that integrate an element of interactive narrative really need this.

It would be great if the cocos2d-x team could provide official support.

Android + ios implementations are already done by kind people on the net, gathering them and recompiling them in terms of a polished unique API would be a nice start. Win32 and Mac support are also urgent as desktop games extremely often use movies as parts of a cut scene, introductory video, etc.

Those of you who are also interested in having an official video API, please +1 this - lets show our need to the cocos2d-x team!

win32 implementation:
ios implementation:
android implementation:

There is an official video player in 3.1. It’s currently ‘experimental’. I haven’t personally used it, but maybe it fits your needs?

Thanks for the link! Is there any information about video codecs/containers that can be used?

And, I’m not quite sure what ‘experimental’ refers to; do you know if it means just possible future changes in API, or perhaps something else?

I’d say this will be supported.

Some basic usage:

I’ll seek clarification, but it looks like the video player support whatever formats the OS supports that it is running on.

Alternatively, I have a VideoPlayer implementation I will be open-sourcing in about 2/3 weeks, it may interest you.
The support is only Android and iOS, since I don’t use other platforms.

I do not know how it compares with cocos2d-x 3.1 implementation, my reasonning is it’s probably inferior because it only fits my uses cases, and I didn’t bother trying to implement all the Node methods (which seems a gigantic work to me). On the other hand, I have already released a video player app with it, so you can definitely use it for production.

Anyway, +1 for a good cocos2d-x support. It’s quite hard to properly implement and there are a lot of pitfalls.

And yes, as @slackmoehrle said those implementations always rely on the OS video player, so you need to refer to each platform support. MP4 is generally a good bet.