Video not playing in safari version 15 above

Hello everyone,
I have problem in playing video in safari browser version 15.
I’m getting the below error in the latest safari browser and the video is not playing. browser version 15.1. This can be checked in cocos creator example cases GitHub - cocos/example-projects at v2.4.3

And It started with safari 14.1.2, gave the below error for audio(

Cocos creator version used 2.4.4
Thank you

I can ask engineering to help out.

Hi, I tested with 15.0 and 15.0.1 without recurrence.

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Could you please see if there are any other devices on your side and see if this is the case with other devices? Or you can inform your device, we try to find out if there is this device, and then we do a test.

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This problem didn’t happen in any other devices. May be the problem was with system setting or something, because when I checked in other system with same browser version, it worked, there was no error.

Okay, if there are any other questions, you can contact us again.

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And can you please take a look at this thread Clear cached data when scene is destroyed.`, I asked it 2 days ago.
Thank you.

Engineering is aware of the thread. I can remind them to take a look.