Vacation time

Hi Everyone,

I am on vacation 8/23 - 9/2. I wont have access to technology. E-Mail me if you need something addressed when I return.

happy vacation man!

Enjoy Vacation…

We didn’t approved that :wink:

PS: Hope you can relax without technology. For me it would be hell on earth…

I am doing a 10 day Vipassana silent medication retreat. no talking, no eye contact, meditate 10-12 hours each day.

That must be boring as hell! :smiley:

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when time is flying by due to constantly being busy, it’s nice to be able to make 10 days feel like a lifetime :wink:

Wow! Looks awesome. Hope it was enlightening and refreshing. :smiley:

How was it?

did you get bored? share some experiences as how does it feels?

It was awkward at first because there are lots of people around you, but you can’t talk nor make eye contact with anyone. You are awoken by a gong at 4:00am and then start mediation in the meditation hall 4:30am - 6:30am. Then breakfast. Then more mediation. Then lunch. etc.

Meditating for so long each day didn’t bother me. I wasn’t bored because I was focused on breathing each breath and observing each breath and then the next one and then the next one and then the next one …

I felt quite alone actually and it was surprisingly hard to stop feeling that way. I actually fell ill due to the water.

I can write more about it if people are interested.

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Please do! It sounds really fascinating. Sorry to hear about the water… Hope your overall experience was positive…

Hello @slackmoehrle
I am from India. Yoga and mediation is great gift of india to world.
I went through
and found that one of its mediation centers is 2 km far from my home.
I would definitely like to go there for mediation.
Thank you for sharing your experience.

You can ping me if you want to talk about it.