(V4.0rc xcode10.1) Where'is "Link Binary With Libraries.."

(V4.0rc xcode10.1) Where'is "Link Binary With Libraries.."

Where’is “Link Binary…”
xcode10.1 mac 10.13

Is that an executable target or a static library target? If the latter then no linking occurs.


It might be under the General tab…

Isn’t it in the General tab?

And you should not be using 10.1 to deploy apps to the App Store. Apple now requires Xcode 11.

The old project is right:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Nothing :rofl::rofl::rofl: I don’t want to upgrade

Isn’t Apple going to make you upgrade? I submitted an app and was told to upgrade to 11 and resubmit.

Not been warned and passed normally, not long ago.

cocos2dx2.2.6!! :wink: It’s still working fine.

Just click in top menu: Editor->Add Build Phase->Add Link binary with libraries Build Phase.

wow .!!! coolllll!