[v3.5.2] 2D rotation is different if rigidbody2D is added

I tried to rotate for circular motion effect of node like below.

let origin = Quat.rotateZ(new Quat(),new Quat(), 0);
this.node.rotation=Quat.rotateZ(new Quat(), origin, angle * Math.PI/180);

It is worked well but if i add rigidbody2D in the node it is not working differently.
I can’t know the reason.
I try to set 2D Physics System to builtin and it is working correctly but gravity is not working.
Let me know Why the rotation behavior is different if rigidbody2D is added.

The Builtin 2D physics system only has collision detection, rigid bodies do not work for the Builtin 2D physics system. You can refer to: 2D RigidBody · Cocos Creator