V3.3.1 Beta - Animation system custom scripts error - "Cannot destructure property 'interpolationMode' of 'params' as it is undefined."

I tried to animate a CCFloat in a custom script using the latest beta version, and when adding a new keyframe, I received the following error:

“Cannot destructure property ‘interpolationMode’ of ‘params’ as it is undefined.”

I don’t, however, receive the error when trying to animate a Vec2.

Thank you for reporting this. I will ask engineering to have a look. Do you have a chunk of code I can send them?

This should replicate the issue:

import { _decorator, Component, CCFloat } from 'cc';
const { ccclass, property } = _decorator;

export class TestAnimateNumber extends Component {

  @property({type: CCFloat, visible: true})
  public _targetPercent: Number = 0;
  public get targetPercent() {
    return this._targetPercent;
  public set targetPercent(value: Number) {
    this._targetPercent = value;

  update() {

Can you provide an easy demo for me to test this issue?