V3.3.0 - Animation system no longer interpolates between keyframes in custom scripts

When using the animation system, my custom script values are no longer getting animated as expected.

For example, one of my scripts modifies the volume on an audio source via the animation system. Typically I would set a keyframe at volume 0, and another at volume 1, and the animation system would interpolate in between the two values.

This is now is broken in 3.3.0; the animation system only triggers a change in my custom values at the two keyframes, but not the values in between.

This issue also seems related to another one I noticed wherein the engine’s builtin UI Opacity component is no longer interpolating in between values as well: v3.3.0 - [Animation] UIOpacity component changes have no effect in between keyframes

Is this intentional or something that you will likely fix? Also, do you have an idea of what file(s) we might modify to address this?

I love the UX improvements with the new Animator Panel and my workflow is significantly improved as a result, however this new behavior makes my current systems nonfunctional and limits the use of animation system. Would love guidance so as to know what moves to make on current projects; any help appreciated!

sorry, this is a bug and will repair in v3.3.1.

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Great, thanks for the update!

when can we expect that?
does 3.3.1 include the fix for the following issue?