V3.0. API documentation for the editor modules?

Here in the documentation of the engine v3.0: Modules · Cocos Creator
I can see a mention about editor modules:
The editor modules are all under the 'cce:' protocol

Where can I find documentation for those modules?

Aha, editor modules’re not prepared to use. I’ll contact the author to hide this section.

@shrinktofit That’s interesting. So, the editor is not ready for any type of extending at all?
I am a little bit frustrated, because I spent a lot of time for adopting my extension for version 3.0 and now it is not possible to move forward, until this documentation is released.

Maybe you know some time estimations for it? It would be great to know when to expect it.

I believe we have a video tutorial coming that talks about this.

Hi @ymiroshnyk , the Modules · Cocos Creator section only refers to those modules can be used in project scripts(say, scripts under assets folder), not editor plugins.

@slackmoehrle I don’t think video tutorial will help. It should be Editor API documentation to use it as a reference, like it was for v2.4

@shrinktofit I don’t think scripts in assets folder can refer any Editor module, as it doesn’t make sense to have them in the built application. Please see the link above to have an idea which editor modules I mean.

@shrinktofit are there any updates on Editor modules API? There is 3.1 version released, but the editor is missing documentation to be extended. At least, I couldn’t find it.

This docs are crucial if you want to create any extension for the editor.

@slackmoehrle @shrinktofit
I also want to highlight the importance of this documentation. Cocos Creator is built very nicely with the support of extensions, we just need a similar documentation for 3.1 that exists for 2.4.

Thanks a lot for all your hard work every day towards a stable CC 3 version!

Bumping for us to not the forget the importance of this :slight_smile:

Do you want to use the editor function within the project‘s script, or do you want to use it in the editor plug-in? These two parts are a little different.

@VisualSJ As the editor plug-in. There will be scripts that process ‘assets’ folders in some way.