V2.4.6, iOS Max WebSocket message size

And how to change this value?

When i receive a message from a server the message breaks off, because as i understand it is out of WebSocket message max size

Web works fine.

I can ask engineering to have a look.

Yes, ask please

Hello, the engine does not limit the packet size of the websocket. The exact packet size actually depends on the agreement between the sender and the receiver.
You need to do a test yourself to get a more accurate value.
Also, I found some information for you, hope it will help you. 8192 data size, there may be an exception (for this, you can actually test it, also welcome you to test it and continue feedback with us).

When i log a message data from js code in WebSocket onMessage function i see are not complete JSON objects.

But when i log a message from objective c code in WebSocket-apple.mm here I see complete JSON objects:

And also i see are not complete JSON objects from c++ code in jsb_websocket.cpp in method JSB_WebSocketDelegate::onMessage. The problem is here:

When i remove data.len from std::string() it works fine.

Sorry, this websocket message is truncated, it may be a bug in version 2.4.6, we have fixed it, but it may take the next version to update, you can try it by customizing the engine and then merging it into PR.

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