Using GLFW for gamepad in Win 10 UWP apps

Using GLFW for gamepad in Win 10 UWP apps
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Hi all,

Based on other discussions in this forum, I am trying to evaluate using GLFW for gamepad input for my Win10/Xbox UWP game. I am using the proj.win10 Visual Studio (2015) solution and Cocos2d-x 3.15. However, it seems the preprocessor flags for WIN32 and _WINDOWS must be set in order to expose GLFW, and this requires using the VS solution from proj.win32, which I am not using.

I am also evaluating gainput for controller integration, but encountered some other problems there and submitted a GitHub issue on their repo to track them. I may also investigate SDL since both gainput and SDL seem to support rumble functionality, whereas GLFW does not yet (although it’s in their plans).

Has anyone build/deployed GLFW functionality with the proj.win10 solution and if so, any pointers on how to get it working?

Thanks a lot!

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