Using Facebook AppEventsLogger with SDKBOX

Using Facebook AppEventsLogger with SDKBOX
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How can I use AppEventsLogger.logEvent with SDKBOX? I’d like to log events like EVENT_NAME_PURCHASED, EVENT_NAME_ACHIEVED_LEVEL etc.


No, the Facebook plugin does not support log event now.
But you can use native code for logging event.


Sorry but I am a new user and cannot yet make posts, but I need to know if this is still the case with the Facebook SDKBOX plugin? There is still no way to log events via the SDKBOX plugin? If not how would I do that in native code? My entire project is using cocos2d-x and c++.


My app is for IOS and I use cocos2d-x c++ with xcode. The code you posted is objective c. Not sure how I’d use that in my code since I don’t think I can use objective with c++.


sorry, I checked our PluginFacebook, it has supported this feature.

         * Log event
        static void logEvent(const std::string& eventName);

         * Log event with value
        static void logEvent(const std::string& eventName, float valueToSum);

         * Log purchase event
        static void logPurchase(float mount, const std::string& currency);



OK thanks I will try those out.