Using 2D Isometric MAP (.TSX)

Hi, I was trying to use .TSX isometric map that was exported from Tiled app.
But turned out getting error like this image.
What does the error message means ?

This error appears to be a missing resource,
you can refer to this tutorial, which explains how to import tiled map to creator :CocosCreator-game-tutorials/用 Cocos Creator 制作坦克大战游戏(一).md at master · zhefengzhang/CocosCreator-game-tutorials · GitHub

Hi, thanks for replying.
So, I to downloaded his assets and copied it to my project’s directory
when I tried to use the TMX file, it appeared to be the same as my screenshot up there.
Is it related to cocos creator version? because in that repo, he’s using cocos creator 2.1.2 meanwhile mine is 3.1.1

maybe you can use 3.5.1, i tried and it works well