Use keyboard as controller

I have a JSB project running with 3.17.2
It is JS based and running fine on macOS, iOS and Android.

I am adding a new feature allows player use their keyboard to control the game like old school PC game.

It works fine on macOS, but no response on iOS, and I haven’t tried on Android yet.
The blue tooth keyboard 100% works, and it even works in an edit box within the game.

It is just not firing without focus on the edit box in the background
The keyboard event was register with eventManager

			event: cc.EventListener.KEYBOARD,
			onKeyPressed:function (key, event) {

I also search the forum, found this

and change jsb_boot.js, so the mobile platform has

if( sys.isMobile ) {
        capabilities["accelerometer"] = true;
        capabilities["touches"] = true;
        //if (platform === sys.WINRT || platform === sys.WP8) {
            capabilities["keyboard"] = true;

Does anyone know what else needs to be done for this to work?

I can ask engineering if they have thoughts.

I have google around and all post indicate that keyboard event, does not work on both iOS and Android. Unless there is a text input box on the screen.

I will have to implement native option myself for now.