Use cocos name in my fork


I want have a fork of cocos with a new name that have cocos in it (ex: cocosdx).

There is any legal problem?


I guess so… as far as I know Cocos is a registered trademark.

I would guess that it is “Cocos” and/or “Cocos Creator” that is trademarked, if anything. As mentioned by others, Cocos2d long pre-dates any corporate ownership, so I would guess you probably can legally use the name. Also, if your fork is an open source project then even if you can’t use it I would again guess that the worst consequence would be the company asking you to change it.

However, obviously I’m not a lawyer, so the smart choice would be to not use “cocos” in the name at all.

Lastly, if you haven’t worked too much on this fork yet, then you may want to consider joining the AXYS project instead?