Updated! - Photos from GDC

Updated! - Photos from GDC
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Hi @slackmoehrle

Awesome!!! Is any rep from Cocos2dx ( Chuckong ) giving any presentation to a crowd? God Bless…




Ricardo is on location…


Wow :smiley: “World of One” is on the screen))))


Our game our game our game! :sunglasses:


Anyway how can I get Cocos2dx T-Shirt? :joy:


@ricardo playing explottens :smiley:


There is the Champ :heart_eyes:


I actually don’t have anymore left. Ricardo might have some left. Where are you located?


We are located in Kyrgyzstan. Our friend from USA is going to come to GDC today:)


What is his name? I’ll ask Ricardo if he has a shirt he can give to him for you.


His name is Emil.


ok, I’ll ask Ricardo to give him a shirt, if he has any. I honestly don’t know what he still has left.


send me an e-mail real quick so I can .cc you in. slackmoehrle@cocos2d-x.org


Looks great!
How can i get one of those Cocos2d-x t shirts ?


BomberSquad’s not on screen