Update to Billing Library 3

I just received the notification from google that “By November 1, 2021, all app updates must use Billing Library version 3 or newer. Update to Billing Library 3 before this date.”

I’ve been using so far SDKBox IAP, and the latest version (v2.6) uses billing library v2.0.1.

Are there any plans to migrate SDKBox IAP to use the Billing Library v 3?

Is there any alternative?

this is serious - all the published apps using SDKBox IAP plugin will be removed from the store in 9 months.

yes, the iap update is on schedule, we will upgrade next release.

@htlxyz May i know when the next release is planned?

We plan to release the next version in mid-March.


@Glidos please review this topic

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Any news on this?

I upgraded to the latest version (v2.7.3.1) several days ago. It has support for Billing Library version 3. Hope developers would update release notes soon.

That’s awesome. Which versions of Cocos2d-x does v2.7.3.1 of SDKBox support?

I maitenance a v3 project for the convenience of a third party library.
I have confirmed the operation with the v3.17.2 and v3 latest (setup manually from github).

Where are you getting the new version from? The website still shows v2.6.0.

SDKBox has Command-Line Installer. It can be downloaded from SDKBox site. Please take a look here for details: CLI Installer - SDKBOX

just updated it, and it works. I was hoping the problems with the “7 Item already own” were over, but I still get this when buying an item for the second time.
When I try to consume the product, the following error appears:
BillingClient: Error consuming purchase with token. Response code: 6

Yes great: that seems to be working, although I can’t make any sense of how google support testing now. Whatever I do, I can’t avoid the “You already own this” message. My account that owns the app is registered both as an internal tester and a licenced tester. I’m wondering what I missed.

All sorted now. Many thanks to the developers of SDKBOX. Great to have this problem addressed.

How do you solve the “7: You already owned this item” problem?

My case is:

  1. Buy the item
  2. On success, shows consumed in logs
  3. Buy it again
  4. On failed, shows already owned, shows consumed in logs and transaction id same as 2.

After 4 then repeat back to 1, 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 etc.

// success purchase from GooglePlay/AppStore
void ShopScene::onSuccess(const sdkbox::Product& product) {
    // grant item

    // consume item

doesn’t work either


or using after the init, sdkbox::IAP::setAutoFinishTransaction(true);

will continue to cause “7 Item already own”

I may be misunderstanding the problem, but I just treat 7 like a successful purchase.

If you do you are losing money as you are not charged when receiving that error. The error comes before choosing the payment method