Update spine to spine.ts?

Update spine to spine.ts?

Hi cocos team,

Is there any plans to update spine runtime to the latest spine.ts?


@slackmoehrle mind answering this question?

I am not sure, but I can ask the engineering team.

Thanks! Here’s some infos:


The engineering team said the c++ version has been updated and the JavaScript will be as well.


That’s a fast response. Mind telling us roughly which version will the spine upgrade be included?


sure, let me check on that.

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Im sorry I mean version as in 1.7.0?

Is there any plans to update Cocos Creator spine runtime to the latest spine.ts?

Hi @slackmoehrle what’s the status on this?

I will ask the engineering team.

Currently there are no plans to update to spine.ts.

Edit: typo

I sure do hope we could grow some more plants to improve the engine :grinning:

Hi, so far there still haven’t been any update to support the latest Spine? :slight_smile:

We are updating it. I know I have heard it talked about. I’ll ask the team to give a status update.

Edit: it will be updated with the next physics 3D update.

Nice, thank you for checking up! :grin: