Update 3.16 to 3.17.2

Update 3.16 to 3.17.2

Hi, I’m close to release and I’m planning to update from 3.16 to 3.17.2 to handle the safe area issue for iPhone X, round corners in some Samsung Galaxy and so on…

Anything in particular that I need to know?

  1. Can I just overwrite the cocos files for the update? or is there a different structure somewhere?
  2. what NDK is 3.17.2 using? r16?

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE 1: I’ve had too many issues, paths changing, new modules names, and so on and haven’t been able to compile the project for Android, so I’m sticking to 3.16 for now, and I’ve added the commits that add the getSafeAreaRect for both Android and iOS.

I used to do it the way you suggest. I would take my existing 3.x project and when 3.y came out I would overwrite the cocos2d folder and open AppDelegate, RootViewController, etc and do a diff to see what had changed, then looked an build settings and compared, etc, etc. This would usually work after some trial and error because I could overlook a small detail (like a compiler flag) and spend so long tracking down small details.

Once I started doing cocos new and copying in my source and resources, things got better. However, I did have to keep detailed notes of anything special I was doing to make sure I re-did those steps in the new project

i think I’ve updated to 3.17 by creating a new project, and adding my source to it again + custom engine adjustments, because there were so many changes in the background where diff check would probably take me longer, also it’s possible that stuff is outdated and removed or optimized for the project structure, so a clean project isn’t a bad idea (for bigger version updates).