[Upcoming game] Fleets of Heroes

[Upcoming game] Fleets of Heroes

We officially launched on Android!


Hey all,

We are working hard to release a new game mode very soon that will merge base attack/tower defense, and other game styles. We call it survival mode. Essentially playing the opposite role where you defend your base instead of going to attack another.

I just completed a large scale render refactor, and got everything working at 60fps. Check the vid!

We have more intense game modes in the works for the future, one step at a time.


A very good turn of the table!

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Hey all,

We just created a new introduction to Fleets of Heroes for the first user experience.
It is sort of an interactive cinematic opening.
It includes elements of our new survival defense mode we are finalizing soon.

Feedback welcomed. Video below.


Hey guys,

We just released v1.3.1 of Fleets of Heroes on iOS and Android. We focused heavy on the first user experience in this update, with an all new introduction to set the stage, rebalanced initial stats, a more welcoming opening background, and an all new task based onboarding system to give more clear and rewarded instructions to make your initial progress smoother.

If you have not played Fleets of Heroes, we would greatly appreciate any feedback on the new first user experience. We are still going to tweak the FUE over time to get it just right. So any feedback on what is working and what isn’t would be awesome. We are currently making some more minor tweaks to the initial experience for v1.3.2.