[UP]: WINNERS of a Brazilian game competition with cocos2dx!

[UP]: WINNERS of a Brazilian game competition with cocos2dx!
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Hi from Rio de Janeiro!

We’re one of the finalists of a Brazilian game competition, “Campus Mobile”, and the unique group using cocos2dx.

To win the final challenge, we need YOU to test our game!

We just released the test version of our game ‘League of Kites’, for Android and iOS.

The Game: In ‘League of Kites’ you can connect with your friends on Facebook to battle and become the champion of the league. You can also choose different models of kites/ lines and play in different cities.

To test: Just visit our site http://leagueofkites.com/english.html and subscribe to receive the link to play!

Thanks a million!! :wink:


I can not see the video here. There is music but there is no visuals.

The video on your site is working fine.
The first half of the video is very boring. If I were a user, I would have already closed it.

I really like the logo of the game.
The graphics are very good.
The site is very good. Although you obviously did not try to open it on the smartphone screen. :smile:

p.s. I think that you should change the category to ‘Game/Demo Showcase’.


Hi brother!

First of all, thanks for your feedback!

The video could only open with Safari - btw i deleted it.

We’ll work it with my team. In general, shorter videos are more engaging than longer videos. Good point!