Unreadable output on visual studio. Commit 0d41ade4

Unreadable output on visual studio. Commit 0d41ade4

What was the reason of this change?

i just see a lot of unreadable output on visual studio.

are you applying individual commits to your installation?

Did you obtain Cocos2d-x by cloning from GitHub or downloading the .zip from our website?

yes, both cloned and zip.

im just curious on what you doing. like that change that broke the output on visual studio. :laughing:

@coulsonwang can you take a look at this, please.

What should i do in this case report a bug on github?

I can confirm that there is an issue with the output with the latest release from GitHub. The v3.17.2 zip on the website is fine. Separate log statements are being printed on the same line, so it makes it really hard to read the output logs.

It’s from this recent commit: https://github.com/cocos2d/cocos2d-x/commit/0d41ade44c87aa640e4cda351d982a0d2e5d74ca#diff-578145b31b25d238bfad9e6ee9af3e1e


Thank you both for reporting this.

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Could others please share their input on the specific PR which introduced this issue:

PR 20201

No valid reason was given for the change, and all it’s done is make reading log output much harder.

It’s quite literally causing unrelated log output messages to be concatenated, and there is no way to distinguish one line from another, since there’s not even a gap. For example:

CCLOG("Output message 1");
CCLOG("A long line of nothing");
CCLOG("Some important data");
CCLOG("Output message 3");

looks like this in the console with this change:

Output message 1A long line of nothingSome important dataOutput message 3

Having to scan through the logs with that kind of output is simply unreasonable.

EDIT: Never mind. A bug was introduced in PR 20201, and a new PR 20357 with the fix has just been submitted.