Unoptimized APK

Unoptimized APK

When i was upload APK the Play Console GIve Warning Unoptimized APK

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I haven’t seen this. Is your game large? Are your resources large?

@mars3142 @R101 @CrazyHappyGame May have seen this before.

That warning is nothing to worry about. More info about it here, but it really depends on whether it’s suitable for the specific application. As for unused code and resources, maybe this info would help.

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no thats resources was not large

I’ve seen the same issue and my apk is around ~26MG.

Don’t worry its about google play way of advertising Android App Bundle. In simple sense when you sign your apk yourself you include code for all types of operating systems like for 32 bit and 64 bit and hence your apk include both codes even if installing device is only 32 bit. Google App Bundle solves this problem by compiling your app on the demand by keeping in mind on which device it is being used. So when a 32 bit architecture user installs your apk then apk compiled by google will only have 32 bit code in it.

It could be used in a lot more ways than just your source code. You can have different assets for different mobiles based on resolution.

And if you want to make a Android App Bundle simply select that export option in your android IDE instead of compiling a apk. Cheers