Unknown Engine Version

Unknown Engine Version
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I love using cocos creator thanks for team behind it for providing wonderful engine ,first it was difficult to understand the flow of the engine but later on i loved using it and not interested to switch to any other framework or game engine!!!
I am facing a problem after updating cocos creator 1.5.1…I am using cocos 2dx 3.15.1 and all the preferences are set perfect for android build, but while compiling in terminal using “cocos -p android -m release --android-studio” it shows unknown engine version… I checked in forums and i cant find any answers…My project was not empty have some scripts and sprites …works fine in simulator but cant compile for android !!! hoping for an positive response from cocos devs:smile::smile:


any update on this?


Any update guys? @nite



did you try to compile with CC 1.6.2 and Android Studio 2.3.x?

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I believe this issue is already fixed, which version of Creator are you using?


I’m using Creator v1.6.1. Everything worked well before, then I reinstalled and got this problem.

I have just changed engine_version in file .cocos-project.json from 1.6.1 to cocos2d-x-3.15.1 and it is ok now.

Thanks for support guys.