"Unknown engine version!" when compile Android studio project

"Unknown engine version!" when compile Android studio project
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Hello, everyone

After update my current project from cocos2dx v3.12 to v3.15, I got an issue that “Unknown engine version” when compiling android studio project. I did search this problem and saw someone also got same stuck with me but did not see any working solution. I do not use Cocos Creator.

I would really appreciate any help :smiley:


You can edit “.cocos-project.json” file in your project to this (add new key name “engine_version”).
If you can’t see that file, may be you should enable to see hidden file in your computer


Thank you! Work perfectly


I am very new to cocos creator. I want to run my project on android device.
I am using latest ndk version 16.
and built in cocos2dx engine (version 1.7.0).When I compile my android project from command line using command cocos compile -p android -m release --android-studio
I am getting error “Unknown engine version!”.
Can any one help me.