UnityAds not working in release build on Android

I’m using the 2.7.5 version of the SdkBox plugins, and the unity ads are working when I run a debug build, but when running the release build, then there are no ads.

Here’s a screenshot from Logcat:

Any ideas what’s happening?

Copy of the Logcat output:
2021-05-17 18:50:21.515 7314-7385/? I/SDKBOX_CORE: Initialization request for plugin: ‘com/sdkbox/plugin/PluginUnityAds’
2021-05-17 18:50:23.286 7314-7314/? I/UnityAds: d.g.a.b.a() (line:13) :: Initializing Unity Services 3.4.8 (3480) with game id 3857611 in production mode
2021-05-17 18:50:23.309 7314-7314/? I/UnityAds: d.g.a.b.a() (line:22) :: Unity Services environment check OK
2021-05-17 18:50:23.325 7314-7515/? I/UnityAds: d.g.a.c.c.h$c.b() (line:1) :: Unity Ads init: load configuration from https://config.unityads.unity3d.com/webview/3.4.8/release/config.json
2021-05-17 18:50:25.500 7314-7515/? I/UnityAds: d.g.a.c.c.h$i.b() (line:1) :: Unity Ads init: loading webapp from Unity Ads WebView
2021-05-17 18:50:29.078 7314-7610/? E/UnityAds: com.unity3d.services.core.webview.bridge.b.c() (line:8) :: Error handling invocation com.unity3d.services.core.api.Sdk.loadComplete([]): null
2021-05-17 18:51:28.149 7314-7515/? E/UnityAds: d.g.a.c.c.h$d.b() (line:6) :: Unity Ads WebApp creation failed!
2021-05-17 18:51:28.150 7314-7515/? E/UnityAds: d.g.a.c.c.h$e.b() (line:1) :: Unity Ads init: halting init in create webapp: Creation of WebApp failed!

We can ask @htlxyz

Can unityads display test advertisements?

you swapped you android and ios gameId’s?

unityads sample project: GitHub - sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-ccc200 at unityads

and still can’t find the reason, share me your project, let me check.

In release mode neither test nor live ads are working. I’m getting that error in Logcat. I have two games live on the store and neither game have unity ads working.

I’ll try to setup a test project and share the code later today.

Link to a test project:

please add following two activity to your application’s manifest.

Adding those to the manifest xml file didn’t help.


Adding this to the proguard rules file fixed the problem! Shouldn’t the SDKBOX installer add this automatically to the file?

-keep class com.unity3d.services.** {

proguard-rules.pro could not be successfully patched for some reason for unityads.

we’ll check this.

Thanks htlxyz for help. When you wrote what I should add to the manifest xml, then I realised that there is a com.unity3d.services.* not only com.unity3d.ads.*, which is missing from pro guard.