Unity Ads for SDKBOX?

Unity Ads for SDKBOX?


Guys, please reply to this thread if you are interested to use Unity Ads in your cocos2d-x games. We are considering to support it as a new plugin.

Also, could you checkout the following solution from Unity team: Does it work for you? Any issues? What else would you like to have? https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/unity-ads-cocos2dx


If your game can use video interstitials I think it’s one of the better ad services, but that’s just me.


It would be great.


that’s sounds great! ++1


Yes, please.



Anyone knows the payout of unity ads? How does it compare with admob and chartboost?

@stevetranby: is there something required to support video interstitials? I would guess it is just another ads sdk. My game doesn’t need to be changed…


@ccrock Well Unity Ads are only Video Interstitials as far as I understand. You have to integrate them to show the ads, but you can use a mediation layer like MoPub/AdMob with varying ease of use.



Yes please.
In Korea, integrating Unity Ads as a video interstitials is almost like a must choice.
I’ve done this manually last year and it worked fine, but not sure about the link you posted. There was no wrapper at that moment I was working on.



Hey guys, :slight_smile:

Unity video ads are simply reward based video ads. But same is available from Vungle and other SDKs also.

While I know Unity Ads are in talks but what are special benefits from it?


I have AdMob, Unity Ads, Vungle, Tapyoj - offer wall, Polfish in my game.
4.8M android downloads and I can tell you that the main income is from AdMob and Unity Ads.
80% of income is generated by AdMob and Unity Ads. In my experience Unity Ads is 3x better in revenue that Vungle with same number of impressions on both.

So I think that it would be nice to have Unity Ads in SDKBOX.

Thank you!


Hi, @catch_up

like @skaljac mention below, what I meant was about revenue wise. Though I am not sure about other countries, at least in S Korea, lots of game developers prefer AdMob and Unity Ads.


I would love to have unity ads in sdk box, since it’s my most important revenue on my games


why not to add Heyzapp? or some other video mediation platform. For me adding only 1 video networks sounds like wasting of your and our time. If someone using video ads it using Vungle, Adcolony, Applovin, Unity Ads - so there is no case to support only few of this networks - you need to support all of them or add support for some mediaiton platform which could handle then all this networks.

As fyber now merged with Heyzap - and heyzap have adapters to Appfigures - I think Heyzapp currently is best candidate to integrate. Also I think this guys will be interested in this.


Yes sure…:+1:


all right!


Wish it come true soon!



SDKBox will support UnityAds in 2.3.16 version, planing release on 2017/08/04.


Any news on the release?


will release tomorrow.