Unexpected toolbar disappeared of web preview

Hello dev team,
just open laptop(Mac OS) today, and quite wondering, where is Toolbar (all browsers)
i’m using CC 3.3.1 .

How to fix it, thanks?

I can ask engineering to have a look.

Under normal circumstances, the Toolbar will be hidden in mobile environments or when the canvas is filling up the screen.

There is no mobile env.
I’m not sure about 2 condition, what am i doing wrong?
there are more screens.

On video as you can see canvas can’t fit in page of browser, even there is smaller resolution in CC Project settings


Will this happen to you when you create an empty project?

Yeah, it was. But i already fixed the problem by self.
So, i’ve enabled Toolbar by change a class of ‘div’ tag, and there was selected device as - Apple iPad mini 4, so i changed it back to my default, and it became normal.

Thanks for your help.

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