Underline tag (<u>) not seen in Richtext with CHAR mode

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use Richtext with Cache Mode - CHAR mode but when using this the UnderLine tag doesn’t seem to work. Can anyone help me with this.

I am using CC 2.4.4

Here is a simple demo build - web-mobile2.zip (582.7 KB)

Thank you.

I will ask engineering to have a look.

Thanks for the feedback, CHAR mode does not currently support underlining, both Label and RichText. If you need to underline, use NONE mode for now.

Thank you for your reply @muxiandong.

I wanted to use CHAR mode because of this issue. So is there any other fix for this currently.

Thank you.

Based on the issues you mentioned, let me summarize.
1 Label and RichText, when using None and BitMap mode, will limit the size of the atlas to 2048 * 2048 when rendering text, more than that will not be rendered. Using Char mode, there is no such problem
2 Char mode, currently does not support the operation of the underline.

Also, if you need to use underline, there is a suggestion for you. That is, you make a judgment about the length of your text content and split it into multiple labels to use. In addition, because splitting into multiple labels will lead to the problem of increased drawcall, you can use the dynamic atlas to combine batches.

Thank you @muxiandong, I will try out your suggestion.