Unable to use third party NPM libs with Cocos Creator 3.x

Hi Cocos Team, while I working on Cocos Creator 3.x with inversify (IoC pattern) to help with a big project there is an issue cause us a lot of time

private _object: IType;

the snippet above will not works while working with lazyInject (Inversify api), due to compiling from TS scripts to JS scripts because of defineProperty (image) Noted this do works while using CC 2.4.6. We really love to use CC 3.x for 3D projects but due to this issue has been holding us back for so long

I will ask engineering to have a look.

Likewise I get the error on any class (including those not deriving Component) wherever any inversify decorator has been used. Looks like the new API issue?

(intermediate value)(intermediate value)(intermediate value) is not a function

Could you offer us a demo to test lazyInject?