UIOpacity component opacity change cause of -30 fps

Hi all. I have a container what have near 50+ elements including sprites and labels. I am doing an animation where this container appears and disappears by opacity change, but during this animation I have near 30 fps drop. Is it normal? Thanks. Cocos Creator 3.4.0

I can ask engineering. Do you have a small demo they can test with?

Does this animation use a tween or is it an animationComponent?

it is Animation Component. I am testing on low-end device, so maybe this is a problem. When I animate opacity for one Node I don’t see any lags or fps drops, but in this container with 50+ elements I see.

Is it convenient to provide a simple demo to test it?
I use tween to reproduce it, which has been optimized in 3.4.1.

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You can download the 3.4.1 community version here

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