ui::videoPlayer need help

ui::videoPlayer need help

I am implement videoPlayer my game . its working good.there is not have any problem.

i have some doubt but i cant solve it . if some one can help it.

i am install app in android :
-> video playing but have some issue when i touch on screen video stop playing and again touch then start playing.(i need to solve this)
when user touch screen then open controller instance of stop or play video.

and 2 problem
i have portrait game i need to open video in landscap mode.

help me to solve out this issue.

thx in advance

I haven’t tried but perhaps you can disable touch events on the video?


Show me what you are doing now, please. In cpp-tests there are a few examples: https://github.com/cocos2d/cocos2d-x/tree/v3/tests/cpp-tests/Classes/UITest/CocoStudioGUITest/UIVideoPlayerTest

i will check it touch disable .

you can help it on 2nd problem . what i am mention

opening a video in landscape with the game is being played in portrait mode is something I have never tried. I wonder if the player has their phones orientation locked how this would effect it too. on IOS maybe you can re-orient the screen in RootViewController on the fly and then back. On Android I don’t have thoughts.


why there is no videocontroller in AndroidSide.
in iphone have videocontroller but in android dont have.

Afaik there video playing works in Android. I haven’t tested it though. I can put it in my list for later today.

@slackmoehrle videoplaying work but there is not controller.when we click in screen it pause and when we click its start. there is no other controller.like forward , backward.

oh, I see what you mean, I apologize for not reading that correctly.

I’ll test it on my Android tablet today.

@slackmoehrle ok

I dont see a runnable test in cpp-tests, I do see code for the test though.

Am I missing something? If not I’ll create a new runnable test for us to use on each platform.

this is apk link -> https://we.tl/t-h2NeznAos7

this screenshot ipad-> in apple device there is controller but in android dont have.
please check apk

Thanks, Can you share your code for the player? Or are you using the code in cpp-tests?

yea my code and cpp test both code is same

cool. Thanks. Let us see what we find.

I’m sorry, But i have to ask … how do I get this?

check it ui::videoplayer.

It is an older “swag” that some employees have. I don’t think we have any extras now-a-days. I dont have one either but a few in the Xiamen office do. Also, in the Xiamen office many employees have a complete set of the panda bears mascots too. When you walk into the office there is an amazing full set on the reception desk.

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@slackmoehrle you found any result ? in videoplayer

It doesn’t seem to work for me either as far as I can tell. I am trying a few more things. Have you started a GitHub issue yet?

@slackmoehrle i am not found anything. i am waste 2 days.ask cocos2dx developer if have any solution.