Tutorial wish list (and to do list)

Hi there!

This topic is created because users are crying about the documentation again.
This topic is created because the engine really needs more tutorials.
This topic is created to help to understand what things are the most in need of documentation.
This topic is created to help beginners get new tutorials.
This topic is created to help potential authors get interesting ideas and motivation.
This topic is created to up the friendly atmosphere in the community.
Well, this topic was created for many reasons.

This is a try to send all the cries about poor documentation to a more constructive way.

Enough words!
How this is supposed to work.

If you are interested in a specific tutorial, please send your request here, and please add a poll to your request.
The poll will help to understand how much the community is interested in this tutorial, and will inspire the potential author.

Like this

I need a tutorial on how to use gradle and cocos2d-x.

  • I want it too!
  • I do not need it.

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Then wait for someone to be interested and be so kind to write this tutorial.

If you wrote a tutorial, just post the link here and accept the deserved thanks and likes. :smile:

If you can write a tutorial, but none of the requests are of interest to you, then you can post the topic here and add a poll to see if this tutorial is of interest to the community.

Like this

I can write a tutorial on Multi Resolution Support (C ++, not the Creator)
The main focus is on why this is needed, how to choose the right Resolution Policy, Design Resolution and Resource Resolutions.

  • Please do!
  • I do not need it.

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Or just write an interesting tutorial and share the link. :wink:

I feel that we need something to keep all good tutorials (or links) in one place.
Perhaps we need to create a new topic for this? Or is it better to use stack overflow documentation?

Any ideas?

Thanks to everyone who voted!

It’s been 18 hours and I’m a little confused.
Now we have that 4 people want gradle tutorial, 4 people want Multi Resolution tutorial, and the rest do not want anything. :neutral_face:

Well, the good news is that I started work on the Multi Resolution Support tutorial, I will write a small piece every day in addition to my main project.

The bad news is that I am still confused, that no reply to this topic.

Nobody is interested in new tutorials? Or you just do not know what you want?
I see that 4 people are not interested in a gradle tutorial, maybe you could share your experience in this case?

It is strange that many people think that there is not enough documentation, but no one sends a specific request.

Will anybody be so kind to explain this situation to me?

Another request

I need a tutorial on how to save and share a screenshot using SDKBOX or native.

  • I want it too!
  • I do not need it.

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Good call! I think good tutorial is a must. Resourse for multiscreen - I would love to read it.
And I willing to write a few by my own if people provide a topic its even better. About the topics…

  • google ad / crashlitics adding to simple project?
  • pixel art effects for simple game?
  • antialiasing? (especially for custom drawings)
  • simple tile mapped game with new cocos version with best practices?
  • maybe it could be interesting to show cases with games different types implementation. may it be very simple, just the basics, but may it show the key best practices and highlites the engine strong sides. and on new engine (because for very old version there are some…)

I can share my experience soon about starting cocos on android fragments (or from android service).
And I’m planing to write topic with examples of simple cocos widgets like speedometers, tachometer and similar with smooth animations. what else? I have good experience with maps integration into cocos on android but thats probably not a hot topic)

about sdkbox, could you provide any good urls to see what is already written about it? I have small experience with it. Maybe we need to collect the good tutorials and links in one place (than later it can migrate to official portal probably))

I think the better way would be to see most hot / unanswered topics for a few years on this forum and it will give us some clues about troubles that people have)

Hi @owlet !
Thanks for the reply!

Do you mean AdMob?

Do you mean action, logic, etc.?

That would be great, although it’s a lot of work. I could write one. Theoretically. But I prefer to split it into small pieces.
But if someone wants to write a great large tutorial, I’ll be just glad.

This is not what I plan to use in the near future, but I would be happy to read it.

Please do! :wink:

Really? What are you using this for?

I just used the SDKBOX site and some official examples from github.

And I hope to collect here a list of links to good tutorials.

Maybe. But now I am not sure it is needed.
I mean, you are the only person who even reply. It seems that community is not interested in such activity.

Perhaps that could be the survivorship bias =)
Whoever visit forum regularly, already can live without tutorial)

Some additional thoughts:

  • game controllers implementation (you know, such things at the corners, like at old SEGA devices) something like this
  • handle zoom in \ out - related gestures (pinch to zoom, two-finger-rotation, etc)

Its a long story =) But basically for implementing navigator in car hmi dashboards. cocos2dx can be sometimes found a long way from gamedev application)

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Ok. I will try to be positive then. :smile:

I want both!

I plan to use game controllers in a future project, so maybe I’ll be the one who writes about it. But it definitely will not be soon.

It is cool!

I would be really interested in a tutorial for implementing a 3rd party SDK into Creator. SDKBOX is fantastic, if the SDK you need has been done. However, there’s some SDKs that are required for our project that are not present in SDKBOX.

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I think that this topic needs some ups.

I want a tutorial on what a shader is and how to use it in the cocos2d-x.
Something very simple, maybe with 1-2 examples of shaders.

  • I want it too!
  • I do not want it.

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I also think that I will have some time at the end of August, so I could write a small tutorial about developing a match 3 game or an action game (probably 2d runner).

  • I want a match 3 tutorial.
  • I want a runner tutorial.
  • I do not want it.

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