Tutorial for sub-game or minigame download in a big game

I have a game with hotupdate and it to big to user for wait to complete the download, then i think ill split game to many sub-game(scene) and download later after the main game (main scene) downloaded. So any tutorial for me or any one could help me with this. Thank you very much :slight_smile:
It like a big game with 10 minigame insize so i want to download 10 minigame after user downloaded big game and choose game they want to play


Please help :frowning:

So what is your concern or blocker?

I never did that but … you could create a dynamic manifest file

But I think that you need to re-start the app after downloading more assets

i was done this, but it cant update the js file, it can update the prefab scene by split project to small module and small project and manifest file

@slackmoehrle @jare @zzf520

would appreciate if you could provide with a right approach. if i understand him correctly, the question was;

  • hot update with optional downloadable contents

Ok, I’ll go prepare the plan and the tutorial.


Hi, there’s an example for you: https://github.com/Leo501/HallAndGames


sorry but i dont need like this, because if i have like 20 Games it hard to controll git and project

If any one need to know about this then reply me, i done this and i dont need game restart and just one project, btw script cant be updated, just prefab scene and orther

i sent a message to you in direct.

If you are using Creator v2.4, you can try using the subpackage feature, please refer to documentation Asset Bundle Overview and How to use Asset Bundle. Hope this helps.

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That’s really impressive. I will give it a try this weekends!

Thanks for sharing! :star_struck:

Edit: @yufang.wu I’ve just done reading the links you provided and a few other related to them.

If I understood them correctly, the asset bundle will cache and check for new version every time
cc.assetManager.loadBundle(“RemoteBundleURL”) is called (for a remote bundle). So, would it be a kinda replacement for traditional hot update?

Edit2: where can I download 2.4?

I’ve tried v2.4.
I couldn’t finish the compile process.
It always threw error.

Edit. Worked fine now

GenAsset.zip (8.3 KB)
if some one need to use this for hotupdate minigame so contact me

Sure, you can use it for hot update

https://www.cocos.com/creator, you need to download Cocos Dashboard first, and then you can download v2.4.0 from Cocos Dashboard

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@longboy9977vn I would appreciate if you show me an example like that. Thanks alot