Trying to load a JSON from assets/Test.json using assetManager loadany and loadWithJSon

I am trying to load a JSON in the simulation mode. I have my file placed at -
assets/Test.json. I have verified the file exists and is saves as a JSON file. It gives me the following error -
“Can not parse this input:{“path”:“Test.json”,“preset”:“default”,“priority”:0}”

What could be going wrong ?

My code is as following -

        "try {
           return await this.loadLocalJson('Test.json' /*GameConfigProxy.json'*/); // Update the path as necessary
          // return this.loadTextFile('config/Test1.txt');
        catch (error) {
            console.error("Error loading JSON:", error);

async loadLocalJson(path: string): Promise {

    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {

        assetManager.loadAny({ path: path, type: JsonAsset }, (err, assets) => {

            if (err) {




            if (assets instanceof JsonAsset) {

            const jsonAssets = assets as JsonAsset;

                const jsonData = jsonAssets.json;

                // Access properties directly from jsonData

                console.log('Test Data:', jsonData);

                //console.log('Slot Game Config Data:', jsonData.slotGameConfigData);


           } else {

                reject(new Error('Asset is not a valid JSON'));





You should try to load the file without extension, so:

           return await this.loadLocalJson('Test' /*GameConfigProxy.json'*/);