Trouble getting v4 working

Hi there, total noooob. I am trying to launch cocos2d-x-4.0 on my Macbook 2017 with OS BigSur 11.2. The Sonar Systems vid on youtube is very useful but sadly I couldn’t run the program at the part of opening terminal. I managed to type ‘cd’ drag over the folder saved in applications, but then ‘./’ - was met with ‘no such file or directory’.

I did some very amateur sleuthing on google and then went to preferences of terminal, changed ‘shells open with’ - to command, and pasted ‘chsh -s /bin/zsh’

Tried again with ‘./’ - and nothing. Changed back ‘shells open with’ to ‘bin/bash’ and again nothing.

Insights appreciated. I think I’m in a holy mess… :slight_smile:

You don’t need to drag anything. The Sonar videos aren’t official and in my opinion are more difficult to follow.

Please use our docs to setup. Use a terminal window and just follow the steps.

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Many thanks for follow up, sorry for delay in response. Haven’t checked it our yet but will v soon. Have a good one!