Troisix - A tactical colorful puzzler for iOS

Troisix - A tactical colorful puzzler for iOS

Hi guys,

One week ago, I just release my second game made with coco2d-x of course! the first was YesSir (

Troisix is a puzzle game for iPhone and iPad that might look simple at first but will quickly make your head spin. Inspired by domino and chromino board games, Troisix is reinventing the whole concept and bringing complexity and fun to the next level.

Check it out on the AppStore:

The game was reviewed by TouchArcade, you can read it here :

The preview:

Thanks to the team behind cocos2d-x and don’t hesitate to give some feedbacks.


Congrats on releasing.

I am going to start up our developer interviews again. Where we interview developers who put out games with cocos2d-x. Would you be interested in doing one?

Yes I’m! let me know how to proceed.
I was already interviewed for YesSir a few years ago :slight_smile:

Looks quite interesting! Will definitely check this out during a meeting at work :slight_smile:

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