Touch start event is called twice

hi, sometimes Node.EventType.TOUCH_START event gets called twice
this.node.on(Node.EventType.TOUCH_START, () =>{
}, this, true);

i have used this event only once in entire peoject

It’s hard to say anything without seeing the rest of the code. And if next to the this.node.on… line (not inside the callback function) you write something like console.log("!!!"), how many times is it displayed?

sometimes it gets displayed twice

So it’s not about the touch event itself. It’s just that the subscription to the event happens twice, so then it works twice when touched. You need to look at the rest of the logic of the game, why this happens.

You are using this once in the entire project but where in the entire project is this called? If this is called as part of a function that gets called twice you will have this registered twice.