TopOn issue on Cocos Creator 3.5.2

I cannot enable TopOn service on my Cocos Creator 3.5.2 app, the error saying: " Cocos Service — The download failed, please download again.", my internet work well.

Can anybody help.

What country are you from? We are inquiring about the reason why this is happening.

I’m from Vietnam.

Okay, the results will be synced to you here.

Thank you a lot, I’m waiting it fixed and tell you when it’s done.

In addition to the problems with the network, the TopOn service will be removed from Cocos Service on September 30, 2022.

Thank you for your info. Do you recommend any Ad services to replace TopOn?

you can select Vungle or TradPlus from cocos service.

Thank you linrm.

Hello @linrm

I still got the same issue with Vungle, please help me.

Thank you.

Are you using a proxy? The network problem is not solved that fast yet, you can try to switch to another area with a proxy.

Hello Linrm,
There is no proxy here, I can access Cocos and Vungle websites on my Mac.
Thank you.

we have change the set of cdn, can you try it again?

It works. Thank you very much Linrm.