To use admod in cocos creator

To use admod in cocos creator

Hello everyone, I want to use admod to show advertising, I follow the steps of this link

I run the application in the simulator and clicking on the buttons does not show the ad, install the application on an android device but it does not show anything and it does not generate an error either, work with coccos creator on mac.

Is there any other guide or way to do it?

Have you seen

@Mamoxinch thanks for the information, the ad is already displayed, I think I had to wait a few hours after registering the app, to receive advertising.
A question how can I make the intertisial advertising show when the room starts and not just by pressing the button?

Use this additional code and it does not work

onLoad () {
this.scheduleOnce(function() {
}, 3);


@yinjimmy can help.

call it when app init.


call it when the room starts.

if (sdkbox.PluginAdMob.isAvailable("gameover")) {"gameover");

good afternoon,

The full screen advertising is already displayed, what is the difference in doing this code this.admobInit(); at the beginning of the game to put it in the onload section of the room?

Would it be the same process to show a “banner” type advertisement?

The question is why the banner ads are not showing, if I check in “Admod”, I seem to have requests, but no visualization

because there is no ad for your request.

the code should be like:

    adViewDidReceiveAd : function(name) { },
    adViewDidFailToReceiveAdWithError : function(name, msg) {  
         // should be some delay, 1 or more seconds
    adViewWillPresentScreen : function(name) { },
    adViewDidDismissScreen : function(name) { },
    adViewWillDismissScreen : function(name) { },
    adViewWillLeaveApplication : function(name) { },
    reward : function(name, currency, amount) {}

// check and show ad
if (sdkbox.PluginAdMob. isAvailable("name")) {"name");


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Good afternoon, using the test id the banner is displayed correctly, it must be something with the requests of my account.

Thank you