Time profiler like in Xcode for android

Time profiler like in Xcode for android
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Question: how can I debug release(so best performance) version of my game for android?

In Xcode I simply do Product-> Profile and then I can check something like this:

How such possible in android studio?


Yes in Android Studio 3.2 Canary. It was just announced at Google IO last week.



I’ve installed all updates but I can’t find how to do this. Is it possible with current version? And for sure this should be production games ready version.
How and will it anyway work with C++ ?


If you click on Updates, you can change the channel (production, beta, canary) where to look for updates. I would prefer to install the Android Studio 3.2 beside you stable Android Studio. You can find it on https://developer.android.com/studio/preview/


So, as I understand it’s only possible with beta which was released days earlier?
And not possible with old stable release?
What about C++ there? Anyone tried? Will it work on API 19, I have phone only with 5.1


The current stable Android Studio 3.1.2 works be fine with c++.

And sure, the canary version is really new, but my project works fine with it. Even the new Android App Bundle format is working, but I can’t use it yet, because it doesn’t support OBB files yet. #failgoogle


I mean… I’m asking in terms of this topic for sure. So, studio and C++ and profiling - I just need to find why my game is so slow on my android phone but works solid 60fps on iphone.

After completing my game for ios and now trying what android is, I’m thinking that it’s all there from google a sick joke for developer :smiley: but I have to…


I never profiled C++ with Android Studio yet, but as @slackmoehrle told, this is only available in Android 3.2 (latest unstable release).

PS: I wouldn’t develop a game isolated for one platform and hope to transfer it easy to the other platform. If you mainly use cocos2d without any other libs or platform dependent code, it would work fine. So my advice for every coco2d game dev -> test your game while development (at least once a week) on every platform (as often as you can) you wish to release.