TiledMap Objects from Object Group are not rendered

TiledMap Objects from Object Group are not rendered


Hey. I just updated Cocos creator and now all Objects within tiled map object groups aren’t rendered anymore. Before update they were rendered in editor view as well as simulator. After update neither editor view nor simulator shows an object. Object group is created und in js i’m able to iterate over all objects.

Any idea ?


Can you provide your tilemap resource or a demo project?
the creator version used?


Sure here is a small example
demo_tile.zip (764.2 KB)
should look like this

Engine used is 2.0.7 and also tried 2.1
Tiled Map Editor 1.2.1


@Big_Bear do these files help? the image is a screenshot directly from tiled map editor


you can try it used Tiled Map Editor 1.0.x version.
version 1.2.1 is not support yet


@Big_Bear Even with Tiled Map Editor 1.0.0 it is not showing my assets.


we don’t support to use image or text in object group.
the object group only support to store some data

we will improve and support this feature in subsequent version, but I cannot promise a current time.


@Big_Bear even polygons do not show up in my version. I recognised that I’m using Tiled 1.0.0 and not Tiled 1.0 but I can’t find these binaries.