Tiled map loaded, but nothing shows

Like the title
I am using Tiled 1.6.0 and Cocos Creator 3.1
I was trying to load a Tiledmap to the Scene, i was drag and drop .tmx, .tsx and .png files to the asset folder. After that, I created a Tilemap node and drop a .tmx file into TilemapAsset property.
But nothing appeared, and does not give me any error
I was trying to import several time, nothing change
Can anyone tell me, how to fix it
Sorry, my English not well

Here is my map

Here is .tsx file

And here is scene

Thank you

I’d assume that the texture path might be different at the place where you created it vs where you copied it in the assets.

Try the Tileset from the project here.

thank you for support, I solved it already.

After a long day of work, I found the problem in image below

when I create map with infinite size, the Cocos cannot load the TiledMap, then I change it to fixed size, everything is working successfully.

I don’t know is it a bug? May I create an issue in github?

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