The new Cocos Website is here!

It has taken the team a lot of hard work and dedication, but the new Cocos Website is finally here. Please join me in thanking the entire team for bringing the Cocos brand into it’s next stage of life.

Just a few housekeeping items:

  1. will start redirecting to the new Cocos Website
  2. these forums will remain here and NOT be changed.
  3. We will be experimenting with some fonts to make our websites easier to read. Let us know what you think as we experiment.



I’d certainly be convinced to use cocos after pondering upon such a well structured website, this may have been intentional but, are the site links means to be multi-lingual?




Oh I see what you mean. I’ll double check URLs to make sure and ask the team to correct at that need to be.

New website looks sick!

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very nice!

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Is the new page connected with the issue with forums today?

No, I’m looking at the logs to see what happened. It looks like an nginx error

the site looks super awesome, clean and minimal. the only thing is the links like forum and downloads should open in a new tab.