The Chinese forum

Hi @slackmoehrle
Since the English forum of cocos creator have less community i entered the Chinese forum and i asked a question about a problem for no reason my post didn’t approved also i cant see New topic button and reply button
Why is that happening ?

Do you speak Chinese?

As @cgcg, I intend to participate in the Chinese forum (I am studying Chinese and currently I am using Google translator in order to ease my life).

Are we allowed to participate in it?


No but i posted in Chinese language i used a translator

Also English is not my mother language.
they should allow us participate in it like they allow us participate in English forums

I can tell you that it’s pretty hard to understand the true meaning of chinese from a translator. I’ve been studying for 5 years or so and I still have to read closely and pay attention.

Perhaps what you posted didn’t make sense?

But yes of course you can participate.

I wrote simple words and i added a line of a code even if they didn’t understand they should know that i have problem in the line of code also google translator translate the Chinese forum very well i can understand all the topics without having any difficult …
Disabling the “New topics” button chocked me, if i break any rule they should tell me i feel so bad
…And that what i wrote it should be understandable >

Well, to be honest, we do the same thing here on the English forums. You can’t post until you meet the community guidelines.

What you wrote makes sense, but there is no context. I think you need to explain more. If you run into difficulties let me know what you posted and I will ask the engineering team.