TexturePacker and max texture size

TexturePacker and max texture size
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What is recommended max texture size for sprite sheet?
My target: iOS/Mac, Android, Windows.

Currently I use SpriteSheetPacker as below:
SpriteSheetPacker --max-size 2048 images/abc .

Any other advices how to use TexturePacker or SpriteSheet Packer?



4096 for all platforms.


Hi. 2048 for old android devices and 4096 for others.


And how to you identify old android devices? Wouldn’t it be best to always use 2048 to be safe?


If you are not support android 2 then you can use 4096 without any problem.
Five years ago I create sprite sheets in 2048 size.



4096 not always works for Android.
Just got info: My friend had some low end tablet with Android 4.2 where textures above 2048 were not supported.