TexturePacker 50% Indie Discount

TexturePacker 50% Indie Discount

Maybe you’ve already heard about TexturePacker - if not here’s a short overview what you get:

TexturePacker is the sprite sheet packer that was originally designed for cocos2d. It’s available for Windows, Linux and MacOS. The current use interface on MacOS looks like this:

Manage and pack your sprites

Creating sprite sheets is easy: Just drag the folder with your sprites onto TexturePacker and press publish. That’s it.

More FPS with PolygonSprites

Sprites are rendered using rectangles by default. If your sprites have a lot of transparency this might not be the best solution because - while being transparent - the pixels still have to be processed by the graphics hardware.

TexturePacker optimizes your sprites: It removes all the obsolete transparency. This speeds up rendering and allows better packing ratio of the sprite sheets.

Reduce memory usage and download size with png-8 and hardware compression

Write optimized sheets that support hardware compression like PVRTC, DXT, ETC1/2 to get the most performance from the hardware.

If you prefer staying with png files try 8 bit pngs to reduce the download size of your game. TexturePacker comes with built-in pngquant and pngopt to reduce the size of the files.

Protect your sprite sheets

It’s easy to extract sprite sheets from a game on iOS or Android. TexturePacker can encrypt your sprite sheets to make sealing your assets much harder.

We support independent developers like you: 50% INDIE DISCOUNT

We’ve put TexturePacker on indie sale: If you are a single developer with an annual revenue below $100000 you qualify for a 50% discount!

This discounts also includes PhysicsEditor and SpriteIluminator - you can even save up to 65% if you get the game development bundle from us.

Not sure where to start?

Try our free tutorial here to learn more about how to use TexturePacker with cocos2d-x:
Tutorial: Using sprite sheet animations in cocos2d-x


Quite expensive for “indie developers” coding for fun. Especially with free software out there.

It is sad as your texturepacker is a very nice tool!

There’s always a free tool and if you like tinkering and have more time than money this might be the right choice… but did you know:

TexturePacker offers a free mode that you can use with cocos2d-x. It has some restrictions in packing and optimisation - but the features suffice to get you started with game development. And if you want more in the future you don’t have to change the tools and update your build process.

If you want to get a bit more serious about game development an investment of 19.99$ (which is about 1.70$/month - not even a beer or cafe latte) you get a whole lot of value from TexturePacker

  • high quality software with regular updates
  • polished and easy to use user interface
  • tons of options to customise your sprite sheets
  • support by mail (we can’t solve all your problems but we help our customers TexturePacker/sprite sheet related questions)
  • integration in your build process: Configure your sheets in the UI, build from command line

Finally it’s a 1-time-payment that includes free updates for 1 year. After that you can continue using the software forever - this is not a subscription.


In my country regular not overpriced cafe cost $0.5 - $0.6

So, for you it costs 3 cafe per month :slight_smile:

I know Texture Packer is pricier than other solutions but I was happy to buy. I bought it before I was even an employee of Cocos.

I did so because it was easy to use, I never had “glyphs”, I could script it also to make building part of my continuous build process. Try it out in free mode and perhaps soon you will be OK paying for it. Also, Andreas is responsive to technical inquiries and the app and updates are rock solid.

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It’s well worth it, and I can tell you from my own experience using TexturePacker that I cannot do without it. It is one of the few tools in my development toolbox that just works as intended, without hindering the development process in any way.

I loved it so much I bought the lifetime license for all 3 of the applications years ago, and while I haven’t had a project that utilizes PhysicsEditor and SpriteIlluminator yet, TexturePacker gets a solid workout.


Worth every penny. And Andreas quickly implemented one small feature I requested, and fixed a bug I reported in another. Game development just comes with so many headaches that it’s always nice to find a tool that’s such a breeze to use. Can’t recommend it enough.


Just purchased the Lifetime Master Suite for under $100 - what a deal!

Will you update the Sprite Illuminator and Texture Packer libraries to work in Metal instead of OpenGL when Cocos gets updated for Metal?


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Purchased TexturePacker lifetime. Not activated yet, just waiting till mid 2019, while one year license expire :slight_smile:

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The tools are independent from the hardware / platform. It’s the framework (cocos2d-x) that has to support sprite sheets and normal maps.

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Has the sale already ended?

if it has maybe @AndreasLoew could still help out!

No - it’s still up.

Thanks. Just purchased the full bundle.

Texture Packer is a good tool. But those of you who can’t afford it this guy made a open source tool with GUI similar to texture packer, also contains all the features. Its free give it a try.

Yup. I have to say it is good but I experienced glyphs around my sprites and just weirdness sometimes when changing spriteframes. Perhaps is has improved since I last tried.