Terrain textures won't export in CC3.0

Exporting textures for normal 3D objects works perfect…but for Terrain Textures I can’t find a way (they only work while editing), is there a setting or something to enable terrain textures to be exported?

thanks in advance…

Can you upload the texture,thinks

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They are from cc0Textures.com: https://cc0textures.com/view?id=Ground029 and also https://cc0textures.com/view?id=Ground037 I tried converting from jpeg to png but it didn’t work also…

I tested the browser of Firefox and Chrome on win10 platform, and it can work normally. Please tell me your platform and browser.

I’m using win10 and browsers Brave & Firefox, the problem only happens when Building the project(for my webserver), but if I preview it works fine…

Hi, Can you post the screenshot of the build panel? And is there any error message in the console?

I build my project and it’s still OK,can upload your project. Can you upload your project,thinks.

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it looks like this…

I tried uploading the problematic test project…https://file.io/WrPXngdycmlt, also here…https://filebin.net/qelnlomq4vu9wiys

We found the problem and will fix it in a few days, thinks for reporting

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thanks for your response, and thanks to all the developers of such an amazing GameEngine, greetings from SouthAmerica…

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did it got fixed yet?? sorry to bother guys…

We will have v3.0.1 release very soon, please wait just a little bit longer

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