Tensorflow with cocos2d-x

Tensorflow with cocos2d-x
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I am building an app which uses Tensorflow for neural networks. I have completed on iOS and everything running smooth.
I am not an Android person, so can anyone help me do that on android as well.
If anyone need, I can help in running cocos2d-x along with tensor flow for ios.


ARCore? Google Developer site has lots of examples on integrating TensorFlow.


No ARCore. Just using Trained models to identifying alphabets.
Google site has example of integrating it into native android apps. We need to integrate in Cocos2d-x project. Also in google examples they are using java wrapped APIs for tensorflow inference, while tensoflow APIs are available in c++ so do we really need any Java wrapper. we should be able to compile tensorflow c++ library that we can use in our cocos2d-x projects.


We don’t do anything special. Just drop in tensorflow and get started.


How do i do that?
How do i link tensorflow into my cocos2d-x project?


Why do you use TensorFlow and not TensorFlow Lite?


i will use what ever suits best for me and whatever works.
i am naive in android there for i get mad when it comes to android project settings.
i build a library for ios from tensorflow source and used that in my game. But i don’t know how and where to start on android side. Need guidance


@slackmoehrle @mars3142
can anyone help me to add tensorflow and link it with cocos2d-x project?


I only integrated it into the Java-world for a proof-of-concept app yet. Sorry.


i also run their demo app and worked on my device. But in cocos2d-x is whole another story i guess


I don’t have time to show you how to do this. Use Android Studio and there are examples on Android Developer that are working examples.


Hi, i will try if you can share your working project for iOS


i can guid you through the complete process for iOS.


ok, how you can guide me? Here or email?


I can guide you here so that others can take benefit as well.
First of all, you need to create tensorflow framework that you can add in you iOS project. you need to follow the steps to create framework from this link : http://machinethink.net/blog/tensorflow-on-ios/ in section TensorFlow on iOS.
This is a time taking process and everyone need to do it in their own system. Do not copy it from anyone.
Follow all steps and run your project. If you face any problem, post here.


hmm, what about this notice?

Most of the information in this blog post is still valid but the sections about building TensorFlow for iOS are out-of-date.


You can follow this guide as well