Taptap heroes - Tap titans GAME Price

Taptap heroes - Tap titans GAME Price


Hello guys I was wondering how much would cost average to make a game like Taptap heroes or Tap Titans.

Can anyone please breakdown all the costs and how much would be average ?

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I’d say at least 12 months and costing $90,000


You mind breaking down the 90K :slight_smile:


Sure any good developer salary plus some money for art and music. Say 10k for art and music and some misc software expense or whatever $80k for developer.


80k for dev seems cheap. Might be hard to find anyone good. This assuming dev is working full time.


I think it is cheap too but I think there is a market. The game isn’t huge nor overly complicated. Just time consuming :slight_smile:


Like tap of titans means like tap lf titans. If it’s “not big” then it’s not tap of titans, it’s a shitty low cost and quality copycat that will not make any money, like 90% of content in the app store.

To make a quality product you need a team of experienced A players. And not just a dev and an artist.

Tou need a couple or three designers to balance, a few artists and developers, a producer etc

I think less than 500k is unrealistic. And I think it’s short.


Yeah I think 500k is low, we need to pay developers more so they can enjoy life LOL


actually hes. good developers are expensive.

you can always hire someone that promises you that can make it for 5k and get a game that nobody will play :slight_smile:

Big studios that make successful titles actually invest millions of dollars to produce those “small games”.