Tagging the Engineering Team

Tagging the Engineering Team

Hi Everyone,

Please refrain from tagging the engineering team directly! It is nice to know who they are, but they have to stay focused on product releases. Tagging random engineers is not productive. If it is not their responsibility they wont answer.

  1. If your problem is urgent, tag me, I can put it in front of the correct person.

  2. If you can not deploy because of an issue e-mail me! My phone will buzz and I will know you need something.

  3. If you have something you want to talk about, e-mail me as well. Sometimes these forums are not always productive for on-going talk about issues.


If this is not urgent, but I want attention of one of the engineers for some reason (like this). Can I tag you in this case?

I think for issues that have sort of a “broad importance”, absolutely. We are not saying don’t ask for help, we are saying lets ask for help efficiently.


If it is not urgent and it has nothing to do with no engineering guy, can i still tag you just to feel I’m not alone @slackmoehrle? :hugs::hugs::joy::joy:

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Sure, you can, I just can guarantee that I will reply, but there are over 30,000 people here, you are never alone.


Oh, I didnt saw this message… I will keep that in mind. Thanks!